Decorative Ceiling Stainless Steel Sheet
  • Decorative Ceiling Stainless Steel Sheet

    Published: 2021-8-3 11:8:16

  • Model: 0010

  • Product introduction: In addition to being used as a ceiling, decorative stainless 
    steel sheets can also be processed into stainless steel 
    decorative parts, stainless steel decorative panels, 
    stainless steel door panels, etc. It has many advantages 
    such as corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.

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Dainan Intermediate Frequency Furnace implements all shutdown policy At 10 am on May 22nd, at the mobilization meeting for the rectification and closure of the stainless steel intermediate frequency furnace in Dainan Town, Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province, the relevant leaders of Dainan Town announced to all owners of the intermediate frequency furnace in the town that the intermediate frequency furnace in Dainan Town will be at 5 Closed at 12 a.m. on the 24th. The red-headed document issued by Jiangsu Xinghua Development Zone pointed out that all Chinese (industrial) frequency furnace enterprises must start a full power outage on May 24, 73 enterprises in the region will make rectification within a limited time, and rectification will not be in place on June 10. Completely banned! The shutdown of Dainan's intermediate frequency furnace has attracted a lot of social attention, and it has caused a sensation in the stainless steel industry. On the evening of June 24, the CCTV Focus Interview column entitled "Dainan, the pain of transformation of a famous stainless steel town" reported on Dainan Town's elimination of backward production capacity. Once the program was broadcast, it caused a warm response. The Dainan Town Party Committee Government stated that it will resolutely follow the decision-making and deployment of the Party Committee Government of Taizhou and Xinghua, consolidate the results of the shutdown of the intermediate frequency furnace in the previous stage, comprehensively eliminate backward production capacity, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the stainless steel industry. In this rectification, Dainan Town adopted an attitude of full coverage and zero tolerance for the treatment of the intermediate frequency grate in the country. According to the steel association {2017} No. 23, the scope of use of industrial frequency and intermediate frequency induction furnace was defined, and the left and right Unqualified intermediate frequency furnace for melting stainless steel to produce stainless steel. In the words of the stainless steel industry, the elimination of backward production capacity can not be a fish in the net, Dainan stainless steel intermediate frequency shutdown and rectification will only be late and will not be absent.


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