Decorative Panel Stainless Steel Plate for Ceiling
  • Decorative Panel Stainless Steel Plate for Ceiling

    Published: 2021-8-3 11:8:1

  • Model: 0014

  • Product introduction: MAYSKY stainless steel panel for decoration of ceiling, 
    wall, desk, window, door in hotel, airport, shopping mall, 
    office, house decoration, etc.

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stainless steel sheet detail

stainless steel panel surface finish

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From January to December 2018, the output of stainless steel crude steel was 24.558 million tons, an increase of 4.7% over the same period last year. In the current domestic stainless steel smelting production, the proportion of waste stainless steel is maintained at about 20%, which also means that the domestic stainless steel production demand for waste stainless steel is about 4.91 million tons (the actual demand is more because of the loss in smelting). High), the steady rise of stainless steel consumption in the future, coupled with national policies to encourage the rational use of renewable resources, the future consumption of waste stainless steel will still maintain a steady upward trend. /Waste stainless steel 2019 outlook/From the perspective of 2018, environmental protection and capacity reduction are still important topics, especially the large-scale shutdown of intermediate frequency furnaces, the industry has undergone a deep reshuffle, small and medium-sized businesses have difficulty in survival, and market resources gradually flow to large-scale Steel mills, if the cost advantage is prominent in the future, will further increase the use of waste stainless steel by mainstream steel mills. At present, the utilization rate of scrap stainless steel in China is only about 20%, which is far lower than the world average. For a long time, the price dominance is still based on the futures nickel price, but in the future, with the gradual increase in the use rate of stainless steel to scrap stainless steel, Its own supply and demand will have a more important impact on prices. Looking to 2019, environmental protection is still an important theme, and policy is still an important factor influencing the price of scrap stainless steel. In addition, the proportion of large-scale steel mills using scrap stainless steel will also be an important factor in controlling prices.


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