Stainless Steel Welded Pipe for Heat Exchange
  • Stainless Steel Welded Pipe for Heat Exchange

    Published: 2021-8-3 11:8:38

  • Model: 0022

  • Product introduction: MAYSKY heat exchanger stainless steel pipe applications for 
    heat exchange system and works stable with great quality.
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stainless steel heat exchange pipe information

stainless steel round tube surface finish

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stainless steel heat exchange pipe application

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Cracking/disagreement of processing stainless steel plate surface is a customer who detected cracks on the surface of the stainless steel plate. Because such problems are generally material problems, due to the urgency of the customer, the author immediately notified the steel mill customer service staff Go to the scene. The stainless steel plate purchased by the customer is made of 304 material and has a thickness of 20mm. After plasma cutting, it is spun into a head. A large number of micro-cracks are found during the color inspection. The cracks are irregularly distributed and the length varies from 2mm to 12mm. According to customers, before using the same process to process heads with the same specifications, such problems did not occur, so it is basically possible to eliminate processing problems. When the steel plant personnel proposed to check the warranty book to confirm the batch number of the steel, the customer said that there is no warranty book! The author's company's sales procedures are very strict and perfect, and the stainless steel sold has a copy of the warranty book or warranty book of the corresponding steel plant , So it is generally impossible to have problems like no warranty. The author immediately called to check sales records. The results of the sales department responded quickly. The original batch of materials was a secondary material, so there is no warranty, but when selling this batch of materials, the customer has been informed that the batch of materials is a secondary material, and the price is low, but the quality is not guaranteed. , Also recorded in the sales contract. After asking the customer, the customer also confirmed the matter. The customer service staff of the steel plant said that since it is a secondary material, the steel plant does not guarantee its quality, but for the benefit of customers, it can sample and analyze the cause of cracking. Once there is a problem in the use of secondary materials, the steel mill will not pay compensation, but this batch of scrap materials can be recycled to minimize customer losses. This time the quality objection, the customer suffered a large loss, mainly due to delay in its construction period. From this we can also see that secondary materials must be used with caution, especially in industrial applications that use the physical properties of stainless steel. The secondary materials must be downgraded because of quality problems, and the steel mill generally does not explain the reason. Even if the reasons for the downgrade are roughly stated, there is no quality guarantee for the materials that do not have a warranty. Therefore, the author recommends that the use of secondary materials should fully consider whether it will affect the application or product quality, and traders should strengthen management and sign agreements when selling secondary materials to avoid unnecessary disputes.


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