Sanitary Food Industry Stainless Steel Pipe
  • Sanitary Food Industry Stainless Steel Pipe

    Published: 2021-8-3 11:8:26

  • Model: 0025

  • Product introduction: MAYSKY stainless steel sanitary food industry welded pipe for 
    food production system such as, bakery, beverage, snacks, 
    candy, chocolate, etc.
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Edge Wave/A customer complained that the purchased batch of stainless steel was found to have undulations on the edge during use, which affected its use. After on-site inspection, the undulations mentioned by the customer are side waves, with a wave height of 3 mm and a length of about 300 mm. Because the customer wants to carry out edge welding, the existence of waves makes welding difficult. The cause of the edge wave is that the edge of the steel plate is stretched too far, causing the length of the edge to be greater than the internal length. The main causes are the thermal crown of the roll, the inappropriate curve of the roll, the uneven pressure of the roll, the reduction and tension, the raw material The thermal convexity is poor. For the defect of side waves, it is difficult to eliminate in the Kaiping process. Because the straightening in the flattening process is generally only repeated bending in the leveling roller to eliminate the bending stress of the original steel plate, it is difficult to eliminate the edge wave in the absence of tensile stress. However, by straightening some leveling rollers with smaller roller diameters and properly adjusting the reduction of the middle roller, the existence of edge waves can still be improved. Because the side waves are difficult to eliminate, and the requirements of the national standard for side waves are very loose, for those customers with higher board shape requirements, please note in the special requirements when taking orders. The customer did not know much about stainless steel, so no explanation was given, which led to the replacement of a batch of steel plates for the customer. The defects of these steel plates with edge waves are not serious. Within the internal control standards, they can be sold to less demanding customers.

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