ASTM-A270 Stainless Steel Pipe for Food Sanitary Industry
  • ASTM-A270 Stainless Steel Pipe for Food Sanitary Industry

    Published: 2021-8-3 11:8:43

  • Model: 0030

  • Product introduction: MAYSKY stainless steel pipe for food and sanitary industry, 
    meet the standard  ASTM-A270, being used widely in medicine, 
    food, beverage, etc. producing process.
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Product Details

foodstuff stainless steel pipe information

stainless steel round tube surface finish

304 stainless steel inspection certificate

foodstuff stainless steel pipe size

foodstuff stainless steel pipe application

stainless steel tube packaging and shipping

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Strip-winding tower shape/According to customers, the shape of the stainless steel split-rolling portion supplied to customers by a processing center has a tower shape, which brings great trouble to the use of post-dimensional. For normal slitting, the side of the steel coil should be perpendicular to the axis of the steel coil, while the side of the tower coil should be inclined. This will cause the deviation of the unwinding. Since the tower shape of these batches of stainless steel coils appeared recently, it is important to check the rectification status of the slitting equipment process and equipment maintenance during this period. After inspection, the process of slitting equipment has not been greatly revised, and the equipment has been overhauled. However, during the inspection process, it was found that the post-operation staff responsible for rewinding the equipment was adjusted from other positions. , Belongs to new employees, the problem is likely to appear in the operation. Through careful observation, I learned that the employee failed to strictly refer to the operation manual. At the beginning of the winding, the steel tape head was not installed neatly, and some steel tape heads were inclined. Due to the skew of the lead, the subsequent winding process has been deflecting in one direction. After dozens of layers of accumulation, the amount of deflection is quite large, which reflects the phenomenon of the winding tower macroscopically. Retraining and educating new employees, reiterating to strictly follow the operation manual to avoid such a situation happened again.

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