Stainless Steel Square Tube for Operating Platform
  • Stainless Steel Square Tube for Operating Platform

    Published: 2021-8-3 11:11:21

  • Model: 0061

  • Product introduction: MAYSKY 304 stainless steel square tube is perfect for 
    operating platform, furniture, console, fence, etc.
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maysky stainless steel tube product detail

maysky 304 stainless steel inspection certificate

maysky stainless steel square tube surface finish

maysky Stianless Steel Square Welded Tube Series

maysky stainless steel square tube application 1

maysky stainless steel tube packaging and shipping

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Stop roller printing/a 304 cold rolled coil purchased by the customer, with a thickness of 2.0mm. During use, it was found that the entire coil has several horizontally depressed stripes, which resulted in the scrap of several meters of the plate where the stripes are located. Therefore, the quality objection was raised. After on-site inspection, the customer said that there are 5 stripes in total, with a feeling of depression, which can basically be judged as a shutdown roller mark during rolling. Such a shutdown roller mark is generally due to a sudden power outage, equipment failure, and point during the rolling process. Check the quality of the steel belt and other concave scars after shutdown. The processes that produce such defects may include rolling mills and levelers. Generally speaking, it is acceptable to have one piece of the whole coil, which can be avoided by discharging the parts in sequence, but the customer has as many as five steel coils, which leads to too many scrapped parts, so you can ask the steel mill Propose compensation. The supplier contacts the steel mill to obtain evidence and make a claim. If this kind of defect is encountered when the processing plant is opened, you can cut a part of the defect to a standard board, or when the remaining material is cut off, this can reduce the loss.

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