Stainless Steel Square Slot Tube 304 Grade
  • Stainless Steel Square Slot Tube 304 Grade

    Published: 2021-8-3 11:11:35

  • Model: 0063

  • Product introduction: MAYSKY stainless steel slot tubes in round and square shapes 
    are for stainless steel glass decoration, such as railing, 
    fence, handrail, patio cover, partition wall, etc.
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maysky Stainless Steel Welded Slot Tube Series

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Stainless steel machining centers often receive orders for external processing, or called processing. Since most processing centers are currently in a relatively simple management mode, the external processing business is often in a state of no rule, and a series of quality objections caused by external processing are often consistent in the processing process. Words, and finally left an unpleasant result for the processing center and customers. In response to these phenomena, this website launched an external processing quality objection series. Through the analysis of several quality objection cases, I hope to be able to seek some thinking of external processing business management. Who should be responsible for the quality defects of the raw materials? The customer commissioned a processing center to open a batch of 304 stainless steel coils, and then sent the flat plate to the user. During the use, the user found that there were a lot of small scratches on the surface of the flat plate, and asked for a return. Through inspection, the scratch line on the batch of 304 stainless steel plates is white, which is caused by pickling and annealing, and is a quality defect of the original roll. Since the batch of boards are all fixed-length boards, the recycling value is reduced and the loss is great. The customer submits a claim to the machining center, and believes that the machining center is obliged to check the surface quality when accepting the processing order. Such a large number of small scratches are easy to check out. If it is discovered early, the customer can be notified and the bidder can be opened or The surface is frosted, and the loss will be greatly reduced. The processing center believes that the processing center is only obliged to cut the steel coil into a flat plate. These scratches are owned by the original roll, not caused by the processing center, so they do not agree to compensate. The key point of the dispute between the two parties is whether the processing center has an obligation to inspect the raw material defects. For machining centers, if they are processing their own company's products, they generally have the principle of "don't miss defects and don't make defects." However, for the external processing business, the degree of attention is low and the inspection intensity is slightly poor, resulting in the possibility of allowing defects Sex. In fact, the root cause of the dispute is that there is no detailed processing agreement between the customer and the processing center, the responsibilities and obligations of both parties are not clearly defined, and there is no clear specification for handling accidents. From the customer's point of view, when reaching a processing agreement with the processing center, you should put forward your own requirements, such as requirements for board surface and size, or send your own order to supervise. From the perspective of the processing center, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes, you can propose exemption regulations before reaching an agreement, but if you can treat the external processing business and the company’s business equally, it is better to win a good reputation for the development of the enterprise. influences.

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