ASTM-A554 Stainless Steel Tube for Decoration
  • ASTM-A554 Stainless Steel Tube for Decoration

    Published: 2021-8-3 11:11:1

  • Model: 0063

  • Product introduction: MAYSKY ASTM-A554 stainless steel tube can be used on decoration, 
    furniture, railing, etc.
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maysky stainless steel square tube surface finish

maysky stainless steel round tube surface finish

maysky stainless steel round tube

maysky stianless steel welded round tube series

maysky stainless steel square tube

maysky Stianless Steel Square Welded Tube Series

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maysky Stianless Steel Rectangular Welded Tube Series

maysky stainless steel slot tube

maysky Stainless Steel Welded Slot Tube Series

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The customer entrusts a processing center to open a batch of flat panels, and the wooden frame is provided by the customer. After the machining center opened the flat panel, the wooden frame broke during the lifting process, and the flat panel fell loose and fell on the ground, causing a lot of scratches and creases, which was basically scrapped. The customer believes that there is a problem with the lifting method of the processing center, and the processing center believes that the customer's wooden frame is not strong, and the focus of the objection is who should be responsible. This batch of flat panels processed by the customer is 1500mm wide and 0.4mm thick. On average, a wooden frame contains 2.5 tons of flat panels. The machining center uses the lifting method of hanging hangers on both sides. Because the wide sheet has a great tendency to sink in the middle, it causes excessive stress in the middle and breaks. The customer believes that the machining center should be supported by two iron bars under the wooden frame during lifting, and the machining center believes that the wooden frame is not strong as the root cause, and the two parties cannot reach a consensus on handling due to differences in the cause of the accident. Like this quality objection, if we have to investigate the cause of the accident, it would be a waste of manpower and material resources. Moreover, the stainless steel market is always about competition and cooperation. For such an objection, both parties are unwilling to see. Instead of wasting time on mutual excuses, it is better to sit down and negotiate a solution. Of course, some people make concessions. But just like the market judgment, there are losses and wins. If you lose a point now, you may earn it back in better cooperation in the future.
Crevice corrosion of 316L bolts/A company purchased a batch of 316L stainless steel bolts for use in a chlorinated washing tank. In order to strengthen the corrosion resistance, the 316L bolts were covered with a layer of FRP. After a period of use, the bolts suffered severe corrosion. Metal parts outsourcing FRP is a very common anti-corrosion method. The purpose is to separate the metal from the corrosive medium. As long as the construction is done properly, a good anti-corrosion effect can be obtained. However, when the company covered the bolts with FRP, it was partially wrapped, forming many crevice areas with harsh corrosion strips. 316L stainless steel is very sensitive to crevice corrosion, and severe corrosion will soon appear under the action of chlorine-containing substances. It is difficult to avoid the crevice area with bolts, and it can only be partially covered with FRP, so materials that are not sensitive to crevice corrosion should be selected.

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